Principal Architect at PS Design

A gold medalist from The Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, Piyush kick-started his career in Paris with French Architect Dominique Perrault before joining P S Design in 2012. His thesis on the Navi Mumbai International Airport was selected for the World’s Best Thesis Competition at Moscow in 2013.

Piyush’s architecture training began as a disciple of his father who taught him the basics of construction even as a child. Today he spearheads the Architecture studio at PS Design. With a perspicacious approach to work, Piyush is re-envisioning the anatomy of Indian design. He creates architecture that is complacent and intelligent, and the absolute practicality of exemplary design is obvious at all times in his work. . An adroit communicator, Piyush is known for his dexterity in the initial design phases and for his strong client promulgation throughout the design development. He approaches every project with an infectious excitement and ingenuously solves all problems that may arise during construction.

With a keen interest and an exploratory approach towards Building Facades, Piyush strives to create lasting and impactful designs, to shape the places people live and communicate in together. In a big way, it’s about laying strong foundations.